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Our projects:



As a duo, Maya & Matan are performing around the world. Maya is singing and playing the cello, using all sorts of effects, creating her own unique sound. Matan plays on an acoustic drum set combining an electronic set up of his own. Together they create a new sound. 

In their show you can hear them playing original songs influenced by their roots and their travels around the world. They are also playing their interpretations for songs they love in Hebrew, English, and Spanish and also playing instrumental original pieces.

Crazy He Calls Me

In their new project “Crazy He Calls Me” Maya & Matan are representing the greatest classical LOVE SONGS of the early 20th century in their own unique way, with special new interpretations.

Alongside with three virtuosic string players they are telling a beautiful story about a Nature Boy who fell in love.

The songs are wrapped with beautiful string quartet arrangements influenced by Maya's classical background, alongside Matan's tender drums playing.

Kabbalat Shabbat

Maya & Matan's connection to the Jewish tradition Is coming alive in a full show with guests, singing, playing and interacting with the audience with some of the most beautiful prayers (Piut) and melodies from the jewish wonderful tradition.

alongside beautiful Israeli nostalgic songs.

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